Flea Traders Paradise

A True Shoppers Paradise

I can’t resist a good dirt mall and one of the best in the Smokies is in Sevierville, right on Winfield Dunn Parkway.  It is called Flea Traders Paradise and from Friday through Sunday during the busy times of the year, the place is jumping with every kind of merchandise imaginable there for you to peruse and purchase.  Socks to shirts, furniture to electronic, Flea Traders Paradise is a paradise for those looking for a good deal from great people in a great location.

Flea Traders Paradise is a climate controlled, indoor flea market.  It comes in at more then 40,000 square feet.  A lot of the vendors inside Flea Traders Paradise have been there for years.  You get the fun of flea market shopping while staying cool in the warm months and warm when it is cold outside.  And, while they do have outside space for rent, during the majority of the year, the inside area is filled to capacity.  Here are just a few of the types of merchandise that you might find in the booths at Flea Traders Paradise:

  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Coins
  • Collectibles
  • Comic Books
  • Crafts
  • Historic and Military Collectibles
  • Housewares
  • Native American Handcrafts
  • Shabby Chic Furnishings
  • Tools
  • Trading Cards
  • Upcycled Items
If you have never been to a flea market, here is what you should expect.  When you walk in the door you are going to be shocked by the sheer number of vendors that you will be met with.  Lined up and down the rows, stretching in every direction, there is something new waiting down every section.  You will move from a booth specializing in makeup and beauty aids to a booth full of comic books.  From a booth with tables covered with designer purses to a booth that has plates and housewares.  Flea markets are the home to the remandered, the place where closeouts go to be sold.  They have variety and they have great prices.  Flea Traders Paradise is no different.  The thing that Flea Traders Paradise has above a lot of other flea markets is that it is indoors.  You are not stuck out in the sun, sweating while you shop, you are in a climate controlled building.  You are out of the heat and the sun, the wind and the rain, you are in a mall with hundreds of vendors, selling everything imaginable.

Flea Traders Paradise
1907 Winfield Dunn Parkway
Sevierville, TN


Beef Jerky Outlet in Sevierville

The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise store in Sevierville is just one of a handful of similar stores found in the Smoky Mountain region, and all feature some of the most unique and tasty jerky you’re bound to find anywhere. They specialize in beef jerky all the way from original to blazing hot. In all, we’re talking about over 200 kinds of jerky.

Besides Sevierville, if you’re in the area you can find similar stores in Kodak (just north of town), Pigeon Forge (south on down the parkway), and Gatlinburg (even further south).

As mentioned, the Beef Jerky Outlet is a unique national franchise specializing in all kinds of beef jerky. You’ll find the Sevierville store at 1811 Parkway Suite 102.

Some of the different kinds of jerky you’re bound to find at the Sevierville store include beef, turkey, wild game, alligator, and kangaroo jerky. Now, don’t knock it till you try it. Kangaroo jerky is some of the tastiest on the market today. Many are surprised by the sheer volume of jerky in each store. Barrels with bulk jerky for sale by the pound are noticeable once you walk in and large one pound jars and packs line the shelves. It’s a real simple way of doing things that has worked really well for this blossoming franchise.

Visitors will also find such goodies as sausages, popcorn, and jars of various kinds of peanut butter on the Beef Jerky Outlet’s shelves, still the specialty is beef jerky and they make no bones about it.

Another big drawing point are the free samples you’ll find everyday at the Beef Jerky Outlet in Sevierville. It’s a great way to ensure customer satisfaction before every purchase. Just think, you know you’re at least going to be able to sample some delicious beef jerky much less purchase some when you visit the Beef Jerky Outlet.

“People appreciate the opportunity to experiment a little with the flavors,” said Scott Parker, founding partner of the Beef Jerky Outlet franchise. “They commit to a purchase when they find something they love. The expense of providing samples is very small compared to the sales and customer loyalty it generates. If you are looking for a quality franchise that is also social and fun, then we may be the right fit for you.”

The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise now operates 14 stores across the nation and is ready for operation in most states, as well as Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Next time you’re in Sevierville, be sure to stop at the Beef Jerky Outlet and pick yourself up a bag of alligator jerky, or whatever flavor you prefer.

Beef Jerky Outlet, Sevierville
1811 Parkway, Suite 102
Sevierville, TN

Our Place in Cosby

For most, when it comes time to do a little Christmas shopping, especially for those loved ones who like books, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, as well as Kindle gift cards have become the norm as far as shopping goes. Let us turn you on to place in the Smokies you might not be familiar with, but should check in to. The place is call Our Place and it’s located on Hwy. 321 in Cosby, TN.

A family run business, Our Place is characterized as a unique book store that specializes in new, used & rare books, as well as the best in organic coffees, Smoky Mountain souvenirs, and more. As far as coffee goes, Our Place sells Larrys Beans Coffees, a fair trade and organic bean as well as various other varieties from regions around the globe. The expresso is hard to beat – smooth, rich goodness. Buy it by the bean, or ground up.

Back to the books. On any day, you can find anywhere from 35,000 to 40,000 books aligning the shelves at Our Place. If you’re looking for something in particular, ask someone there, it might still be in the back and not on the shelf yet. The main genre at Our Place is non fiction, but they aren’t lacking in fiction. From cook books to civil war books and children’s books to mysteries, Our Place in Cosby, TN has it.

Just a glance at the shelves and you’ll spot local/Southern titles from authors that live in the area, Great Smoky Mountain National Park titles, children’s books as well as games, toys and puzzles, a large selection of mental and physical health books, gardening titles that address topics from organics to local plants to design, history titles, travel books that span from area-specific to guides, biographies, photography titles, numerous classics and best sellers.

Our Place also buys books in all genres, especially local interest books. Please be clean, and in a condition that is fit to sell.

Our Place also carries DVD’s, CD’s, Boyd’s bears, Smoky Mountain souvenirs, T-shirts, mugs, local honey, jams & jellies, and organic & healthy snacks.

Our Place books for sale on Amazon.com

Our Place
On 321
115 Cricket Hollow Rd.
Cosby, TN 37722

Sevierville Farmer’s Market at the Co-op

It’s still a little known fact, but some of the best produce and home-grown eats around here can be found at the Sevier County Co-op Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am till noon. That’s when local farmers and the like get together for the Sevier County Farmer’s Market. And while word has spread about their offerings, it’s still relatively new to most people.

On a given Wednesday or Saturday you’ll find anywhere from 5-10 tents set up in front of cars in the parking lot adjacent to the Co-op. From peaches from the Gist Creek area in the summer to apple products from the Mountain View Orchards in the summer and fall, you’re bound to find something you like. It’s all locally grown and skips the middle man or any processing factory that may spoil the freshness.

The Galyon Family Farm is another proud local farming family whose fruits and vegetables always bring a number of customers to the market. From cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash to peaches and blackberries, their offerings are better than anything you’ll find in the local supermarket. Our farming families offer up their peppers, spices, herbs, and even plants at the farmer’s market. Basically, if you can grow it on a farm, you’ll probably end up seeing it at some point during the year at the Sevier County Farmer’s Market.

During the fall, a favorite are the dried apples sold in small bags. It makes for a great snack and they are oh so good.

Mountain Mist Farms in Pigeon Forge is another local grower you’re bound to see at some point during the year. Their specialty is growing blueberries and blackberries. They’re also a pick your own blueberry and blackberry farm, which means exactly that. You won’t find berries more delicious than the ones grown at Mountain Mist Farms.


Sevierville’s Hottest Shopping Destinations Offer After Thanksgiving Sales Aplenty!

If you’re looking for great deals, numerous Sevierville locations will be holding After Thanksgiving Day sales beginning as early as 12:01 am Friday morning.

Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Sevierville, TN, has quickly become known as a shopping destination that offers a wide range of merchandise and price points from outlet center deals to one-of-a-kind art and quality antiques. This Thanksgiving, some of Sevierville’s most popular shopping destinations are offering Thanksgiving and After-Thanksgiving sales, making this a great time to visit.

Tanger Five Oaks Factory Outlet Center, in Sevierville, is changing it up a bit this year with sales starting at 10 pm Thanksgiving night, Thursday November 22. All the stores at Tanger Five Oaks will also offer Black Friday specials until 10pm on Friday with sales and specials running through the weekend. Check out all the Moonlight Madness specials going on at Tanger Outlet here.

As an added bonus, beginning at 10pm on Thursday November 22, the first 250 people to visit the Customer Information Center at Tanger Five Oaks Outlet Center will receive a $10 gift card compliments of Chase Freedom. Another giveaway will happen at 2am at the Customer Information Center.

Another popular Sevierville shopping destination, Smoky Mountain Knife Works, will open its doors at 7am on Friday morning, with great deals on knives, kitchen accessories and bakeware. Their Black Friday sale runs Nov. 23 through Dec. 12. www.eknifeworks.com

Bass Pro Outdoor World’s five hour sale, from 6-11am on Friday morning, will also offer lots of great specials. www.basspro.com

Sevierville, Tennessee, is conveniently located just off Interstate 40 Exit 407 in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Within a day’s drive of over half the nation’s population, Sevierville is annually visited by millions of people who enjoy the shopping, attractions, restaurants and shows this quaint town has to offer.

Eagle Springs Winery in Kodak

Eagle Springs Winery in Kodak specializes in honey wines and is now open just off of Interstate 40 at exit 407.

Having already profiled the area’s Rocky Top Wine Trail recently, you’d think we would have covered our tracks when it comes to the region’s wine offerings. Not so fast, said Eagle Springs Winery, which opened recently in Kodak, TN.

Eagle Spring’s motto: “Producing local wines from local vines!” is one many people can get behind as more and more businesses try to get more local. As for the winery itself, which is located just off Interstate 40 at Exit 407 – Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Eagle Springs has goals of partnering with numerous vineyards in East Tennessee and using their grapes to make wine at their (119) West Dumplin Valley Rd location.

If Eagle Spring’s place looks familiar, you’re not far off. They operate in what was the Heritage Log Homes log cabin. For Eagle Springs it’s the perfect location for a winery – woodsy with a rustic feel complete with stone accents. It’s a great setting to sip some of their delicious wine. Eagle Springs offers a selection of such traditional wines as Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz as well as some hard to find varieties of honey wine.

“Looking at the other wineries in our area, we saw that no one was making wine from a honey base. That is when we decided to bring a fresh, new product to the market” said Don Collier, owner. “This twist on traditional wine is great for the new wine drinker as well as the wine connoisseur; the world has been making wine out of honey for well over 2,000 years.”

Wildfire, a strawberry-kiwi honey wine, and Nectar, a delicious blend of honey wine and mango, aptly describe Eagle Springs’ honey wines and happen to be the names of each too.

Anyone 21 years of age and older are welcome to come and sample Eagle Spring’s wine selection. You can also enjoy free samples of local cheese from Sweetwater Valley Farms and local fudge, which will be available on the weekends, to go along with our wines. It’s a great way to spend part of a day or weekend. Just drop by and the staff will be happy to assist you and get you some fine samples.

If you’re coming from Knoxville on your way to Asheville or the tri-cities, the winery can be seen on the hillside just off the interstate to the right.  Right beside the Eagle Springs log cabin is an eagle -shaped sign that reads “WINERY” in large bold letters.

Sevierville Wineries

Come hike the Rocky Top Wine Trail and try some of the best wine Sevierville and the Smokies have to offer.

For wine aficionados and just plain ole wine lovers, Sevierville and the Great Smoky Mountains area is becoming a wine enthusiasts haven of sorts with the number of specialty wineries that have opened in the area. Sevierville is home to two of these wineries with a third lying just down the road in Pigeon Forge. They make up what locals call the Rocky Top Wine Trail.

The first and newest, Hillside Winery (229 Collier Drive)  in Sevierville, specializes in bubbly, Italian-style wines ranging from dry to sweet. A number of Hillside’s wines are made from grapes and various other locally grown fruits. The Hillside Spumante has become a favorite among many visitors.  Of the Italian-style offerings, Hillside specializes in Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, as well as a number of other wine varieties. Guests can not only come and tour the facility, Hillside offers a tasting room so that you’re sure to pick the wine you enjoy the most before making your purchase.

Just a short jaunt down the parkway is the Apple Barn Winery at 220 Apple Valley Rd. Their wine is made in small batch form, thus giving customers a most unique product with each bottle. The Apple Barn Winery loves it when visitors come by and sample their wines. They also feature a gift shop full of unique items as well as wine accessories. The Apple Barn Winery especially encourages visitors to stop when their Port or seasonal wines are available. These are the carefully crafted small batch wines that only appear on certain special occasions. The Apple Barn tasting room is always open, just have the staff advise you on what special wines are available.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out Pigeon Forge’s Mountain Valley Winery. Since 1991, Mountain Valley (2174 Parkway) has specialized in French and German style wines. Located near the Titanic Museum, the Mountain Valley Winery in Pigeon Forge is Tennessee’s largest winery. Come sample any of their award-winning wine, take a tour and learn how they make they wine. Mountain Valley Winery makes their wine from locally grown grapes. Want to see some grapes being crushed before the wine gets bottled? Visit Mountain Valley anytime from September to October and take in the process firsthand. Visitors will also find a great gift shop Mountain Valley Winery where you can find Tennessee Farm Products. Come take home some of the best the Volunteer state has to offer.

Next time you’re in Sevierville, before you hike the Smokies, hike the Rocky Top Wine Trail and see what all the fuss is about. You definitely won’t go home thirsty, but you might leave with a better appreciation for local Smoky Mountain wine.


Great Smokies Flea Market in Kodak

Great Smokies Flea Market in Kodak where there’s something for everyone. From produce, clothing, to collectibles and pet products, it’s all here.

Ever been traveling east bound down Interstate 40 on your way to Sevierville and notice the large warehouse surrounded by clusters of smaller buildings? If you’ve ever wondered about that place and what it is, well, it’s none other than the Great Smokies Flea Market. Located in Kodak, TN, the Great Smokies Flea Market is one of the largest in the Southeast. Sometimes it can be easy to miss speeding by at 70 mph on your way to the Smokies, or Asheville, NC.

If you’ve already found out about the Great Smokies Flea Market, you’ve probably already found some good bargains. In all, the building is over 200,000 square feet of heated and cooled indoor space, and there’s even more space outdoors where over 1,000 vendors rotate. From things you need to others that you want and a least a few things that you can’t live without, you’re sure to find something at the Great Smokies Flea Market. Over the years, the average daily attendance is anywhere from 2000-5000. And it goes all the way up to 15,000 on the weekends.

Situated at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the flea market is located just off interstate 40 at exit 407. The market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm year round. There’s plenty of free parking, restrooms and food. If you’re like a number of people, you’ve already found out about such things as the great lemonade located in the outdoors area. Get you one before going inside, they’re very refreshing after walking amongst the various vendors outdoors.

So, what should you expect to see if you decide to go? Well, all kinds of products and services, from animals to electronics. There’s literally something for everyone. On a recent trip the following was spotted:

  • Fresh produce
  • Jellies, jams, and relishes
  • Locally grown honey and homemade candy
  • Rocks, crystals, and minerals
  • Cowboy boots
  • Pet supplies
  • Sports collectibles
  • Clothing, handbags, and jewelry
  • Kitchen products
  • Leather goods
  • Collectible coins and notes
  • Books

One more tip – bring cash. Most of the dealers only deal in cash, though there are those that will take credit cards and checks, but why take a chance. Come early, stay late, buy local, and have a lot of fun!

Great Smokies Flea Market
220 W. Dumplin Valley Road
Kodak, TN

Orvis in Sevierville

Stop by Orvis in Sevierville for all your flyfishing needs and get some great Smoky Mountain fishing advice as well.

Man fly fishing in a stream in the Smoky MountainsSo you’re off to the Smokies to do a little fly fishing. Well, like thousands of other anglers, you’ve picked just the right spot! And just in case your forgot to pack something – a rod, some line, your favorite fly, Sevierville has you covered! Orvis Sevierville is a short 15 mile drive from the entrance to Great Smoky Mountain National Park and its abundance of native brook, rainbow and brown trout.

Sevierville Orvis is known for their quality rods, reels, and fly-tying equipment, set up shop in Sevierville and has enjoyed nothing but success ever since. Not only to they carry all the flyfishing gear you’ll need for your next adventure in the stream, they’ll cloth you with a wide assortment of men’s and women’s outdoor, casual, and dress wear. Looking for a new set of travel gear, they’ve got it. They even carry the finest in gear for your dog. Anything from treats, beds to leashes and much more.

Maybe Orvis’ most valuable asset is the staff’s local fly fishing and outdoors knowledge. If you’re looking for some tips on fishing and exploring the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some basics on fishing in the Smoky Mountains, as seen by the staff at Sevierville Orvis:

Great Smoky Mountain National Park
The Smokies boast over 650 miles of fishable water. To be blunt, if you can’t find a good stream, well, I don’t think it’s our problem. Anyways, brook trout are found in greater numbers in your higher elevations. That is, streams 3000 feet and above in elevation. The lower you get, the more rainbow and brown trout you’re bound to find nipping at your line. No stocking here, these are all wild. For you bass fishermen out there, stick tot he park’s borders, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. Thank me later.

Types of fish you’ll find: Brook, Rainbow and Brown Trout, as well as smallmouth at the borders of the park.
Angler Type: Wading
How to get there: Park Roads and various trails.
Type of fly: Large dark mayflies early in the year, becoming lighter mayflies and stoneflies as the season wears on. Carry as many dries and nymphs as you can, or stop by the Sevierville store and pick up a few.
Rod: 7 – 8 and a half foot rod in a 3wt. to 5wt are best. Higher elevation streams sometimes call for shorter rods, visa vi longer rods in lower elevations. Continue reading “Orvis in Sevierville”

Mast General Store

Over the years, Mast General Store has become as much a destination as it is a shopping experience in Smoky Mountains.

Over the years, Mast General Store has become as much a destination as it is a shopping experience. And Sevierville is all the better for it due to its close proximity to the Mast General Store in Knoxville, and its rather close proximity to another Mast store in Asheville, North Carolina.

Original Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, North Carolina.

With locations all over the Smoky Mountains, the Mast General Store is not only a fun step back in time but has become a traditional stop for visitors as they trek through the Smokies.  Whether it be candies (which President Barack Obama was looking for during a recent stop at the Boone, NC Mast General Store), beverages, food, clothing or items to decorate the home that you maybe searching for, the Mast General Store is a great “shopping point” as you plan your next adventure in the mountains.

The Mast General Store’s origins go back to its first store in Valle Crucis, NC.  The store was opened by Henry Taylor in 1883 who eventually sold a half interest in the operation to W.W. Mast in 1897.  In 1913, W.W. bought the other ownership half. His vision for the store was for it to become a place where all his neighbors in the Valley could shop for anything they might need.  Thus, the moniker: “If you can’t buy it in the Mast General Store, you don’t need it.” arose around in Valle Crucis.  From plows to nails, cradles to caskets, W.W.’s store carried it.

The Mast General Store was eventually sold to an Atlanta doctor and an Appalachian State University professor in 1973. The National Register of Historic Places also honored it as “one of the finest examples of an old country general store.”  Since then, The Mast General Store has grown and expanded by leaps and bounds.  The Valle Crucis store is still the most rustic.  Walking through the store, this is a building that has been added to and patched up over the course of more than a century.  The floor boards have seen thousands of people of this valley trek through as they purchased the items needed for daily life in Western North Carolina.


  • Valle Crucis, NC – established 1883
  • Boone, NC – established 1989
  • Waynesville, NC – established 1991
  • Hendersonville, NC – established 1995
  • Asheville, NC – established 1999
  • Greenville, SC – established 2003
  • Knoxville, TN – established 2006
  • Columbia, SC – established 2011

The Valle Crucis location still has the bins of nails and bolts that were used a the business’ onset, as well as the same counters that have served customers for almost the entire time they have been in operation. Meanwhile, the merchandise has been updated so that you can also buy gear for your next hike. The newest location in Knoxville, TN has one of the best selections of outdoor clothing and accessories in the area with boots, outer wear, backpacks, sleeping bags and tents all available for purchase, and located just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Boone store’s Main Street locale is nestled in beside some of the best local shopping and restaurants you’ll find on that side of the Smokies.

No matter what Mast General Store you’re in, they all have a few things in common.  Kids will be able to buy glass bottle sodas from antique-style soda coolers much like your parents and grandparents did when they were growing up. Bins of candy align part of each store, ready for shoppers to fill their own bag with. Others will find those home decor items and cooking utensils that were once mainstays in the kitchen of yesteryear but have been replaced by newer technology.  From tablecloths to toys, tin signs to kitchen tools, the Mast General Store is more than just a regional store; it’s a glimpse into a forgotten way of doing business and is truly a Smoky Mountain treasure.