Frank Allen’s Market

If you ask a local where the best burger in town is, you will probably get one of two answers.  Some of the people are going to say it is Dunn’s Market on Uppoer Middle Creek Road but another segment of the local population is going to tell you that the only place in town to get a hamburger is Frank Allen’s Market on t Parkway in Sevierville.  And though Frank Allen’s used to be a little further down the road (close to Walmart and Governor’s Crossing), the burgers the make are still out of this world.

Frank Allen’s food is diner / greasy spoon style food.  Cooked right in front of you, the burgers have a character just like the characters that wait on you.  If you go ina lot, like the locals do, they will know your face and after a while they will know what you order.  But, before you start to have a ‘usual’ meal, check out their menu.  From their simple breakfast items to their short order lunch meals and the vast array of sandwiches, Frank Allen’s Market has a really good selection.  Pimento cheese to a killer chicken sandwich, everything is made to order, while you wait and that includes the burgers.

A Frank Allen burger is a thing of beauty.  It is grilled to perfection.  It is juicy and tender.  It is seasoned perfectly.  All the ingredients are fresh and the burger has only what you want on it.  You will pull it out of the white paper bag when you get your destination or out of the waxed paper if you eat it there, counter-side and I do recommend eating it right there.  Take it out of the wrapping.  Inhale it befor eyou dig into it.  This is what a burger should smell like and then ask for silence as you get ready to taste burger perfection.

And now that I have made myself hungry, I hope that I have made you hungry as well.  Go to Frank Allen’s the next time you are in Sevierville.  Sit with the locals and eat what many consider to be the best burger in town.

Frank Allen’s Market
1415 Parkway
Sevierville, TN