Dining Out after Shopping

Where do you want to eat?

You have been shopping all day.  Maybe it is even Black Friday and you have been shopping since midnight.  It is noon and you and your shopping companions are starving from all the sales you have snapped up.  Where do you eat?  If you have been shopping at Tanger Five Oaks in Sevierville, you have five great choices.

Red Lobster – Red Lobster is one of America’s most beloved seafood traditions.  From their phenomenal Cheddar Bay Biscuits to special events like All You Can Eat Shrimp and Lobster Fest, Red Lobster is always bringing big flavors to the table.  Located right across from Tanger Five Oaks, there is a traffic light to help you get across the street to good food and good times.

Olive Garden – Maybe you are looking for some hardy pasta to get through that full day of shopping.  Or possibly you want a quick lunch of soup and salad.  Olive Garden might be your best choice.  They are also located directly across the street from Tanger, at the same stop light as Red Lobster.  With events like Never Ending Pasta, Olive Garden has become one of America’s most successful restaurant chains.

Logan’s Roadhouse – There are two steak lover’s restaurants at Tanger Five Oaks.  One of those is Logan’s Roadhouse.  Great food, great atmosphere. Very casual with tremendous deals on food ever day, Logan’s has become one of the county’s favorite places to go for steaks and comfort food.  Their burgers are amazing.  Logan’s is located in the same shopping area as Olive Garden so use the stop light to get to their parking lot.  This is a peanuts-on-the-floor kind of place.

Longhorn Steak House – A little more refined choice for the carnivore in your group is Longhorn Steakhouse.  Longhorn makes an amazing steak.  Great selections that bring an eclectic flare to the table.  Longhorn’s is located closer to the main entrance of Tanger.  After you pass that entrance, Longhorn will be on the right hand side of the road.  They have a crab stuffed filet that is do die for.

Joe’s Crab Shack – This is the newest dining option at Tanger Five Oaks.  This is Joe’s first foray into the East Tennessee area.  Amazing seafood choices blow the minds of all the people that walk through the door.  Crab Leg’s, shrimp, fish – all of it brought in fresh and cooked to order.  If you want to have a great meal after a day of shopping you will not be disappointed at Joe’s Crab Shack.  Joe’s is located on the same side of the road as Tanger – in fact you could walk to it if you don’t want to move your vehicle.

There are other places to eat at Tanger – Chop House and KT’s are located inside Tanger itself – but these 5 get you out of the shopping area.  They allow you to take a break from looking for that next big deal so that you can breath easy and enjoy not only your meal but the people that you are with.