Dunn’s Market

One of the Best Cheeseburgers in Town

I am a fan of the ‘greasy spoon‘ style restaurant.  Sevier County has quite a number of convenience stores and gas stations that have diners and lunch counters that serve food to locals throughout the week.  A few tourists have found out about these places and are enjoying some very good food along with the locals that happen to be stopping in for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Dunn’s Market is one of those hidden gems in the food scene of the Smoky Mountains.

Dunn’s Market is located on the corner of Upper Middle Creek Rd and Birds Creek Rd (this is part of the backroads to the Arts and Crafts Community).  It is a gas station.  It has a lunch counter inside and a few places to sit.  You can of course also buy off the racks and shelves inside or grab a few items for a quick picnic in the Smokies. But if you are looking for good, greasy-spoon-style food, step up to the counter, give the menu a gander and pick from one of the many choices that you will see on the wall.

Their breakfast choices, much like the lunch choices are geared to the local stopping in for something fast on their way to work.  That being said, the breakfast choices are fantastic.  Well cooked and full of flavor, you can’t go wrong with their breakfast options.  Their biscuits and gravy are will stick to your ribs and their egg sandwiches are a down-home favorite.  Dunn’s Market’s grill is always busy for breakfast, so expect to stand in line for a few minutes.

Lunch and Dinner
Here is where Dunn’s Market shines.   As you look at the lunch and dinner choices on the wall at Dunn’s, you will notice that you are seeing items that aren’t usually on the menu in most restaurants:  bologna sandwiches, tarter wedges or a simple grilled cheese sandwich.  You will also see typical fare for the lunch counter like the hamburger.  And the hamburgers at Dunn’s is something altogether wonderful and remarkable.  I don’t know if it is because of the way they cook it or the fact that it is cooked on a grill that has been well seasoned by years of use, but their burger is out of this world.  Add to that a sack of their fries and you have enough food to stay full all day long.  Their fries are seasoned and piping hot every time you order them.  At times, they also have specials and one of those you will see in the summer is a BLT made with local, fresh tomatoes.  The result of using this locally grown produce is a BLT that drips with the flavor that the Granger County tomato is known for.

If you are looking for that place that the locals eat, Dunn’s Market is one of those places.  Part of the fun is standing in line with the guy that drives the cement truck or the maintenance man for the local hotel that is headed to work.  While you are in line ask them about other places in the area, I bet you discover someplace new to eat, or some little shop of one of the backroads the next day.  Give Dunn’s a shot the next time you are out exploring the areas around the Smokies.

Dunn’s Market
2650 Upper Middle Creek Rd
Sevierville. TN