Sevierville Rates High in Citizen Survey

As if it didn’t know that it was a great place already, Sevierville was awarded high marks recently in public survey gauging the thoughts of its citizens.

Titled the National Citizen Survey, Sevierville rated highly in this initiative conducted by the city this past fall. High markings were given to Sevierville for the city’s overall appearance as well as several public works functions, such as street lighting, sidewalk maintenance, garbage collection, and snow removal.  Fire and police services ratings also came in above average in comparison to other cities who participated in the same municipality survey.

Sevierville got overwhelming marks for quality of life with most respondents giving the Smoky Mountains city reviews that showed them, 80% and above, very happy with Sevierville. In all, overall quality of life in Sevierville received a rating of ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 85 percent of residents taking part in the survey. More residents also expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the value and quality of city services they receive, as well as the overall direction the city is taking when it comes to those aforementioned areas.

The survey showed that Sevierville residents are more civic-minded, noting that residents commonly participate in religious activities and try to help out their neighbors – two encouraging statistics for people looking to move to the Sevierville area. The Sevierville Community Center is also used more often than like centers by the average citizen nationwide.

Traffic flow was identified as the area of greatest concern among respondents to the survey. Sevierville is continually working to make immediate adjustments and systematic internal improvements to the traffic flow system within the city limits, and is also working cooperatively with the state and neighboring cities to improve traffic flow as travelers move throughout the area, knowing that it is a popular tourist area throughout the year.

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