The 3 Best Sevierville TN Restaurants

A fried trout dinner at one of the best Sevierville TN restaurants.

One of the best parts of going on any vacation, is the food. Even here in the United State, food can vary by state or even within regions of a state. Sevierville and the Smoky Mountains region has created a culture all of its own and with that culture amazing food to go along with that. Sevierville TN restaurants will definitely be a part of your visit to the Smoky Mountains region. With so many great options it can be hard to narrow down which restaurants can make the cut during your visit to Sevierville. Here are just a few of the many amazing Sevierville TN restaurants for you to check out during your stay in Sevierville.

1. English Mountain Trout Farm and Grill

If you are looking for a completely different dining experience, the English Mountain Trout Farm and Grill may be the place for you and your family. Not only can guests enjoy a local trout dinner but they can also be the ones to catch their dinner before hand. Catching your own fish is a great way of entertaining you and your family before and during your meal. Of course if catching your trout before your dinner isn’t your thing you can just order one of the many amazing options off the menu.

The trout farm provides you with the fishing bait, the pole, and an attendant will even bait and unhook the fish you catch. The restaurant is open from Monday through Saturday, from 11a.m. to 7p.m.

2. Hickory Cabin Seasoning CompanyPulled pork sandwiches with sesame seed buns.

Tennessee is known for being home to barbeque. No one wants to miss out on one of Tennessee’s greatest traditions. Hickory Cabin Seasoning Company in Sevierville honors that tradition. If you are going to enjoy BBQ you have to get the best and Hickory Cabin Seasoning is the best, as it was voted the Best BBQ in East Tennessee.

Don’t miss out on this amazing, local restaurant. Hickory Cabin Seasoning Company is open from 11a.m. to 3p.m, Monday through Friday. Though this may not be the place for you to visit during a weekend getaway in the Smokies, if you do plan to stay throughout the week, stop by the Hickory Cabin Seasoning Company to satisfy your lunch time appetite.

3. Two Brothers Italian Restaurant

Maybe you have a family of picky eaters and it is hard to satisfy them with the local cuisine. Well that is okay too. Most everyone enjoys a good, home cooked italian meal and you can get that at Two Brothers Italian Restaurant. At Two Brothers, you and your family can enjoy all your favorite Italian dishes from spaghetti and meatballs to lasagna. Everyone is guaranteed to come out of this restaurant satisfied.

Delicious cheese pizza.The great thing about Two Brother Italian Restaurant is that it is open everyday of the week, with hours varying depending on the day. So no matter what day of the week you are visiting Sevierville you and your family can enjoy an amazing Italian dinner.

There are many great eating options for the whole family to enjoy during your stay in Sevierville. Be sure to check out all of the other great Sevierville TN restaurants.

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