Thai Basil Restaurant

Thai Basil provides a healthy alternative when dining out in the Smokies.

Healthy Food for Healthy Living

There are some healthy alternatives when choosing a dining location in the Smokies.  One of those options is Thai Basil Restaurant.  Thai Basil is a locally owned Thai restaurant that is introducing healthy, authentic Thai food to the area.  They are located beside Staples and Pizza Hut in Sevierville before you get to the bridge near downtown Sevierville, TN.  The menu is full of interesting dishes that are par-for-course in Thai restaurants but are very new to the locals in Sevier County and some  of the visitors as well. Thai Basil is located on Winfield Dunn Parkway.  Once you exit the interstate at exit 407, you will be on Winfield Dunn Parkway, follow the road until you see a large shopping complex with Krogers, Lowes and Staples.  If you pull into the shopping center with Staples you will see Thai Basil on the left hand side.  There is plenty of parking and though you will have to fight your way through the locals, that have become regulars.  They have plenty of seating and the staff is incredible.  If this is your first foray into Thai food, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The waiters and waitresses have had plenty of experience with the food and they will certainly lead you in the right direction. When you order your food there are a few things you will want to keep in mind:

  • If you are looking at the Stir Fry, Thai Curry or Noodle options on the menu, you are going to have your choice of meat for your dish – beef, chicken or pork.  Of course you can also choose your entree without meat by substituting tofu or vegetables and having a vegetarian treat.
  • You are also going to choose the level of the heat that you want.  The levels are mild, medium, hot or Thai hot.  If you ask for Thai hot, get prepared for your taste buds to light up.  It is recommended that if you have not had Thai food before that you aim for the lower end of the spectrum.

Here are a few of my personal favorites off their menu: Pad Thai – This is the national dish of Thailand.  Rice noodles, bean sprouts, eggs, scallions and special peanut sauce. Amazing dish and they make some of the best Pad Thai that you will ever have. Drunken Noodle – Stir-fried flat rice noodles with eggs, bell peppers, carrots, onions and green beans covered with a sweet and spicy basil sauce.  The Drunken Noodle has an entirely different flavor palette then the Pad Thai with a lot of the same textures and ingredients. Masaman Curry – A perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors. Avocado, broccoli, pineapple, potato and cashew nuts covered in a Masaman sauce.  This is served along with white rice.  The sweet flavors in the curry give way to an afterbite of heat that makes this a fun dish to try.  The avocado is a great textural counterpoint to the broccoli and pineapple. Thai Basil is something new in the culinary scene of Sevierville.  Great food, great service and of course, being located on your way into or out of town, this might be a good stop for those people starting or ending their vacation.  Thai Basil needs to be your first introduction to Thai food, give it a try while you are on vacation.

Thai Basil Restaurant
530 Winfield Dunn Parkway
Sevierville, TN

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