Tony Gore’s BBQ

Tony Gore has been making delicious BBQ at his restaurant in Sevierville since 2006 and he’s still going strong.

Tony Gore is a dual threat. His voice got him started and he’s pretty well-know gospel singer, but it’s his barbeque that has made him famous…. At least around here. Gore opened his Sevierville BBQ joint in 2006 and he’s been cookin’ up some of the finest pork in the Smokies ever since.

The restaurant has drawn rave reviews from many including such national publications as Southern Living as a place to stop in the Smoky Mountains. Gore’s specialty are the recipes maintained through classic southern cooking, primarily BBQ.

Gore’s barbecue is notably supple, mild, and sweet with just a hint of good ole smoky smell that gets diners right in the nose the minute they pull into the parking lot. And don’t let anyone tell you not to put any sauce on that pork! Gore’s sauce is the tangy, spicy, sweet goodness that just sets off a pig and makes mouths water in delight. To put it simply, the meat is good, but the sauce makes it even better. Pour it on and don’t listen to anyone.

Stopping by for dinner? Don’t worry about leaving Tony’s place hungry, the portions are absolutely enormous, and oh so good. The sides don’t slouch either, though you might when you leave. Just remember to loosen up that belt a bit. Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBG & Grill has a saying and it’s plastered everywhere: “Never Trust a Thin Cook.” When you look at your plate, thin never made it to the kitchen.

Still, if you’re looking to save a bit of money, or cut down on your portion size, you do have some options. Try brisket and pork on the restaurant’s three mini burgers, in which you can mix and match pork and brisket. This will cut down on trying heaping helpings of both and save you a bit of cash at the same time.

When it comes to southern cooking and the art of Barbeque, Tony Gore is a name to remember in Sevierville. It’s the perfect stop just before you enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to fill up on some tasty BBQ pork and brisket.

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