Willies Restaurant

Willies Restaurant in Seymour, Tn offers some of the best comfort food and Italian cuisine in East Tennessee. Be sure to try their chicken wings.

Let’s travel off the beaten path this time and take a short trip north to Seymour, Tn from Sevierville. Why Seymour? Well, it’s the home of Willies Restaurant – an almost hole-in-the-wall establishment specializing in East Tennessee comfort food with a splash of its own delicious Italian cuisine. Not only will you find the aforementioned comfort food, but great service and an eclectic atmosphere are staples at Willies.  If it’s something different you crave on this visit to the Smokies, seek out the edges of Sevier County and Willies.

WBIR television in Knoxville recently lauded Willies Restaurant as having the Best Comfort Food in East Tennessee for 2010. Their amazing menu is chock-full of comfort food staples:  chicken wings, hamburgers, sub sandwiches and much more. And each bite is stuffed with Willies’ signature flavor.  You’ll be coming back for seconds in no time. Some even consider it ‘bar food’, but without everyone huddled and hanging over the bar. It’s the stick-to-your-ribs style food that you crave for its intense flavor.

Willies freshly prepared pizza.

Take a look at the Italian side of the menu as well. You’ll come across all kinds of mouth-watering pastas from Baked Manicotti to Chicken Scampi and Broccoli. The Italian sauces are family recipes that have been passed down through generations. It’s like you’re almost  sitting down to eat with someone from the old country – that’s what makes Willies so great, its original Italian perfected over many years. Traditional Italian food, cooked to perfection, and just right down the road. Delicious garlic knots accompany all the pasta dishes – another reason people come back again and again.  These knots of dough are big enough to eat alone and you never stop at just one.

The town of Seymour itself is one of the fastest growing areas in Sevier County. You’d think that would accompany a Pigeon Forge advertisement, but over the  years Seymour has become a place where people get away from the more touristy trappings. Located between Sevierville and Knoxville, Seymour is spread out along Chapman Hwy (one of the first routes from Knoxville into the Smoky Mountains before I-40 was built).  Willies is right off Chapman Hwy and is a great break in driving between Sevierville and Knoxville. Don’t worry, you’ll feel like family once you walk in the door at Willies. The staff is experienced and gives some of the best service in Seymour.

Stop by Willies if you’re taking a day trip out of Sevier County while on vacation in the Smoky Mountains.  Grab some comfort food or sample some of the best Italian that Sevier County has to offer.  Wrap your hands around an enormous burger or dig into a pile of chicken wings, get a plate of Primavera or a dish of Baked Ziti and enjoy being waited on by people who are actually glad that you are there.  Step through the doors at Willies and become part of their family; get comforted by the food and create a memory that you will remember every time you come back to the Smokies.

Willies Restaurant
11612 Chapman Hwy
Seymour, TN

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