Sevier County Family Resouce Center makes Christmas better for area teens, but still needs donations.

What’s better during the Christmas season than giving back to those in need? Not much. It’s the true meaning of Christmas and places like the Sevier County Family Resource Center are a testament to that. Not only do they specialize in helping others, this holiday season they’ve pinpointed one group in particular: teenagers.

Instead of focusing on children 12 and other like many other worthwhile charitable organizations, the Sevier County Family Resource Center is lifting up teenagers this Christmas, a group than can sometimes get passed over during the holidays.

According to Center Director Kim Loveday, and sole employee of the Sevier County Family Resource Center, there are a lot of families with teenagers that could use the help this Christmas.

When Loveday first began working at the center, she deemed it more necessary to find people who would purchase things like clothing and personal hygiene items for teens instead of Christmas toys.

According to her, the center receives numerous calls this time of year from parents, grandparents, nurses, guidance counselors and school principals asking for clothing and hygiene items. The need has ballooned so much that whereas she helped 30 teens in her first year, her list has grown to almost 300 this year.

The Sevier County Family Resource Center is reliant solely on community donations and sponsors who feel the need to help during the year. One stat that was offered up about a sole teen is that $75 usually covers the cost of one’s clothing needs.

Loveday said that it’s not just providing them with clothes, it’s providing them with new, clean clothes which in turn improves their self esteem which is at a premium, especially during those formative years.

The Sevier County Family Resource Center is still looking for sponsors for a number of teenagers. If you’re interested in sponsoring one, contact Loveday at the family resource center at 865-428-7999 or by e-mail at

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