On Cosby Festival

Cosby, TN puts on a festival about its self each spring and fall called: On Cosby. This festival celebrates the best that Cosby has to offer.

Cosby, TN puts on a festival about its self each spring and fall called:  On Cosby.  This festival celebrates the best that Cosby has to offer. With a list off crafters as long as your arm ranging from homespun crafts to local authors, you can spend hours browsing through craft booths.  On one row you can spend your time visiting the political booths and another visit with nonprofit groups.  Still another option would be to head over and tuck into the food.  On Cosby is a great local festival surrounded by the beauty of the Smokies.

The craft show is a major part of the On Cosby festival.  Featuring 50-plus vendors, this show incorporates both traditional mountain crafts and a few things that you probably haven’t seen before.  Obviously the crafters try to bring items that they think the crowd will enjoy, so you will see lots of quilts, bears and log cabin home decor.  There are always a few things made only for the area such as the hillbilly wine glasses and paintings on old barn boards.  The creativity of the crafts-people at On Cosby never ceases to amaze.  The common, everyday item can become a work of art and an item that you may have discarded becomes somebody’s keepsake; truly it is a trash to treasure scenario.  There is even a local author selling autographed copies of her book and getting the word out about her novel, which takes place in the shadows of the Smokies.

This is a typical small town festival with all the usual baggage.  The back row of booths is dedicated to nonprofits and political campaigns.  Beside the Democrats and Republicans sit the Girls Scouts selling brownies and cupcakes.  Right next to a church’s youth group raising money for a trip is the Appalachian Bear Rescue booth.  All of the various groups around Cocke County seem to have come out to plug their issues and speak to the public.  And while the non-profits are speaking, the public is eating and being entertained.

Located in the center of the festival is the main stage.  This stage will host many different kinds of music over the three days of the festival.  Gospel is always a crowd favorite but there will be some local bluegrass thrown in for good measure. Between acts the DJ will keep the sounds of the Smokies playing you through your visit to the On Cosby festival.  Make sure to stop around the corner for a look back into Cosby’s past and visit the moonshine exhibit.  This representation shows why Cosby got its name of being the moonshine capital of the Smokies.

Toward the front of the festival is the line of food tents and booths.  Finger foods and full meals dot the row of booths.  The smell of BBQ wafting over the crowd is sometimes snuffed out by the smell of popcorn and cotton candy.  Drinks flow freely even though it is not that warm outside and the breeze brings the sound of children lining up for delicious ice cream.  On Cosby is definitely a festival to attend.  Bring an appetite; bring a chair to relax in and listen to the music; and bring your family for some good wholesome fun.

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