September is for Classic Car Lovers in Sevierville

September is car month in Sevierville, TN with two very different classic car festivals – the Fall Grand Rod Run and the Shades of the Past Rod Run coming through town.

This month, if it’s classic and muscle cars that really get your engine revved up, then Sevierville, Tn is the place to be. You’ve probably been to or heard of the monster car shows taking place in Pigeon Forge, TN and Sevierville during the month of September. Sevierville will see two HUGE events roll through town next month. The popular Shades of the Past and Grand Rod Run will be back on the Parkway this year. Meanwhile, the Forge Classic Car Show will not run this year as it has in past years in accordance with the Shades of the Past show Sept. 6-7 at the Sevierville Events Center.

What makes these Rod Runs so popular? For most, it’s a trip down memory lane back to time gone by. These fuel-injected pieces of chrome and steel make you reminisce back to your younger days. Days of parking at the ridge and drag racing at the docks. Car shows bring out the wide-eyed child in all of us. Just seeing the cars lined up and down the parkway takes you back to a simpler time. There’s also something about rubbing elbows with 100,000 people that share the same love for certain classic cars that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Gone are the days when an engine overhaul meant climbing into the car, getting your hands dirty, and napping under the hood. These days, if you’ve left you’re lap top at home you’re already behind schedule. Manage to drop a screwdriver in the engine and it’s probably lost till you roll over the next speed hump, or take the next switch back. Only a hammer, bondo, and paint were needed to fix these Chevies, Fords, Pontiacs and Dodges. Fiberglass and computers are now such a part of automobiles, it’s turned out a new generation of mechanics. It’s a wonder that car shows haven’t faded with the times, but it really shows that no matter the make or model, gearheads will always be gearheads. And gearheads love their cars…they’re passionate…and Sevierville, TN is the perfect backdrop to the Great Smoky Mountains to show off these chrome jewels.

Schedule of Sevierville Car Shows in September

The links for Shades of the Past and the Fall Grand Rod Run will take you to pages with entry forms, maps, and other info…so be sure to check them out! This list is taken from a Pigeon Forge Car Shows Schedule.

September 2013
6-7 Shades of the Past Rod Run XXV (more info)
National Parks Resort & Smoky River Ranch
12-15 Fall Grand Rod Run (more info)
Former Grand Hotel location
865-687-3976 or 800-251-4444 or 1-800-475-1188

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