Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland at Smokies Stadium

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland opens at Smokies Stadium on November 11.

Just in time for the Smoky Mountain holiday season, Shadrack Watersports and RV will bring their Christmas Wonderland to Smokies Stadium in Sevierville, Tennessee during the 2012-13 Winterfest Celebration.

The lighting spectacular, which kicks off November 9 and runs through January 6, is one of America’s largest drive-through, fully computerized LED light shows. Hundreds of thousands of lights are included in this perfectly synchronized show filled with holiday tunes done by the Shadrack crew themselves.

Like at other Shadrack Wonderland sites of the past, this will be a drive-through event nearly one mile in length and running approximately 20 minutes. “Christmas Wonderland at Smokies Stadium presented by Shadrack will be a great addition to Sevierville’s Winterfest Celebration this year,” said Amanda Marr, Sevierville Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director. “There are already millions of people who come to our area during Winterfest but having a new attraction like Christmas Wonderland will give those visitors something new and exciting for this year as well.”

New this year is Santa’s Village with a petting zoo, pony and camel rides, photos with Santa, a Christmas tree lot, and festive refreshments including hot cocoa, apple cider, funnel cakes, Christmas cookies, pizza, and kettle corn.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland at Smokies Stadium will continue through January 6, 2013. Hours of operation are 6-10 pm daily. Admission is $20 per car (excluding Holidays and Dec. 20-23), $35 per Activity Van / Mini Bus, $75 per tour or school bus. Rates include tax. Proceeds will benefit area charities. For more information, call (423) 652-0120. Located at the Smokies Stadium – 3540 Line Drive – Kodak, TN 37764.

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  1. Someone failed to plan. This event resulted in 7 miles of traffic backed up on Hwy 66 to Sevierville Saturday night! Because traffic was back up outside the event, cars COULD NOT get on I-40 east or west that would have relieved traffic. Whoever allowed this without proper planning and coordination should be severely reprimanded. What were you thinking???

  2. Did you forget to mention closed on Mondays? And in the first paragraph you say through January 8, then further down you state through January 2. Which is it?

  3. Not sure where you’re getting your prices from?!

    Shadrack’s christmas wonderland for the sevierville location says…

    Cars/Vans $20
    Activity van/Limo/Mini bus $35
    Tour/School bus $75

  4. I’ve been planning on bringing my kiddo’s 2 this event. My 4 year old daughter & I seen the spectacular light & music show on TV & were both completely mesmerized! I have 2 admit that I’ve been just as excited as she has been to ride up there & actually see it for ourselves. But, now that I’ve overheard a few people talking around town & have now seen the comments on here about the TERRIBLE traffic situation & about how horrible the crowds have been, I’m wondering if I it would be a good idea 2 my Children up there? I mean is it actually that bad & if it is….. Is it actually worth all the trouble??? I really hope it is because if its as spectacular as we’ve seen on TV, then tonight should be a night that my children & I will forever remember.

  5. Joyce,

    The kids rides all cost around $5 and there is a charge for photos with Santa, but everything else is covered in the admission price.

  6. Proud,

    We think it’s worth it. There are a lot of cars on any night because it’s such a popular attraction around here this time of year. We’ve found it to be quite a fun time, especially for children.

  7. We’ve taken our 2 Grand-daughters up there the past two years and plan to go again this year. It is awesome! Last year we had to wait in traffit a bit on hwy 66 but it gave the kids time for a nap and then they were ready for a good time. Yea, we can find problems with anything,but we decided to just enjoy our time in the car together and we had fun the whole time!! (and yes, there were cars trying to cut in front of us..I think they were on the Naughty list so we just let them go on since they were in such a hurry…heehee!) If you like Christmas lights you are gonna love it!!!

  8. This was the most spectacular light show! The memories from this event will be forever cherished..thank you so much for creating these wonderful times for our families

  9. The lights were absolutely amazing and the show was spectacular, EXCEPT for 2 very disappointing things. Firstly, the FM signal was too weak, and there was static about half the time. At some points, the music was completely covered by static. This obviously detracted from my enjoyment of the show. But not nearly as much as the second problem. One of the songs was horribly offensive, and in the poorest taste imaginable. I had never heard the song, “It’s Called Christmas…With a Capital C” before, and hope to never hear it again. It is a downright ugly song, and should be offensive to all Christians and non-Christians alike. Its basic goal is to intimate anyone who doesn’t feel exactly the way they do, as if someone who says “Happy Holidays” is somehow persecuting Christians. Ironically, it persecutes people of all faiths or non-faiths, and goes against the spirit of “peace on earth, good will to men.” Instead, it says that if you dare suggest that anyone might celebrate anything other than the narrowest mean-spirited kind of “Christmas”, they’d better just fall in line. It tells Jews that they’d better say “Merry Christmas”, even if they don’t celebrate it. Ironically Hanukah is the “Festival of Lights” but any Jew who’d be foolish enough to attend this “Festival of Lights” better be prepared to be persecuted by the vindictiveness of “Go Fish” And if you’re agnostic or atheist, you’d better go hide in a hole from October to January. If this song is on the playlist, I will never go back.

  10. This was our first year to go, and the lights were amazing! However, the traffic was Horrible. There was no one directing traffic in either directions so you had people running the lights and blocking intersections. So it took us just about an hour and a half just to get into the gate. You would think with this many people attending every year, there would be police or someone helping with traffic. So make sure your kids go “potty” before leaving the house or getting close because you will be in traffic for awhile. The rides were ok. There was only a short train ride, merry go round and pony rides and a camel ride. Which the pony and camel rides you have to pay cash for, not tokens. The other rides take tokens. There is a little cafe you can go inside and get warm and use the bathroom if you need too. Not sure we will go back next year just because of the traffic. Maybe try going during the week. Maybe it would be better.

  11. Ihave been enjoying the shadracks light show at the smokies since its first show there about 4 or 5 yrs ago? But I am not pleased to say I was very disappointed in the show this year, All of the new lights at the beginning are not sinkronized to the music which takes away from the light show and the increase in the price makes it not worth dealing with the traffic. I suggest selling the new lights to the Bristol light show and going back to the original show with all the tall trees and lights that are sinkronized to the music THATS WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE and stands out from all the others. VERY DISAPPOINTED and would not recommend spending the money to see this years show PLEASE go back to the way it was !!

  12. Wow, $20? We are from the tri-cities and enjoy the bristol motor speedway in lights (which is much larger and takes longer to see) for $12. Not sure why you guys need to charge so much more. We never have a problem with traffic being backed up at the speedway, although thousands go through there as well. Maybe next year you guys can get it together…

  13. So to all of you who are complaining about the price and traffic, Your a SCROOGE!!! My husband and I took our 2 year old and 3 year old on a trip to tennessee and have never seen anything quite like this before!!! I would pay $20.00 over and over agian! my children LOVED it!!! and I do believe my husband and I loved it more!!! the traffic was perfect! there was SO much to see and take in that the traffic slowed you down just enough to see everything. We have been places before (much much smaller) that rush you through and you fell like you didnt even get to see it all. this is not the case here. there was so much and such a variety of music and the lights dancing to is was absolutely amazing! I think people dont know how to truly enjoy Christmas anymore because they are rushing here and there to make it from family to family and shopping and all the in between but thats the problem! enjoy it! we have a SMA(spinal Muscular atrophy)child in our family and missed out on thanksgiving and Xmas with all our family due to illness and truly realized its not about the hustle and bustle. just enjoy the moments you have! one of you might not be here next year to enjoy the lights! so while you have the moment you enjoy every second of it with those babies or with just you husband! either way it was SO EXCITING and more ENJOYABLE! Our niece is the child with SMA and she went to this light show in 2011 and invited us to go with her this year. She said even the second time seeing it, it was still AWESOME!!!! She’s 16, so for a 16 year old to say that, that says it all! They have a great thing going here!

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