Buddy’s Bar-B-Q

Even though it is a part of a chain, Buddy’s Bar-B-Q in Sevierville may have some of the best BBQ to be found in the city limits of Sevierville.  Fresh BBQ, a killer sauce and of course wonderful sides make Buddy’s a place to stop if you are looking for a quick, good meal.  They also offer family packs that are great take for a picnic in the National Park and they even have a deal going with the movie theater that sits directly behind them on Winfield Dunn Parkway.

I think that the thing that makes Buddy’s Bar-B-Q unique is the fact that each location is allowed to choice their own sauces.  This gives you a little different experience at each and every location.  At the Buddy’s in Sevierville, Bill Yett, the man that bought the franchise spent numerous months on the road, tasting BBQ and tasting sauces to find the exact one that he wanted for his location in Sevierville.  And though the Yetts no longer own the shop in Sevierville, the sauce is still just as good as always.  They have a mild version and a spicy version of their sauce.  Both of these are sweet southern style bbq sauces, none of that Carolina vinegar sauce here and both are out of this world.  When added to the tender bbq’d meats that they serve, Buddy’s produces plates of food and sandwiches of such a succulent nature that they have to be tasted to be believed.

Due to its location, Buddy’s has also made a deal with the movie theater behind them, Reel Movies on the Parkway, so that you can enjoy their food and take in a movie for one low price.  You stop by Buddy’s for dinner, pick up the certificate for your discounted movie tickets and then you are ready to go.  Scarf down some BBQ and drive just a few feet to park at the theater and take in a show.

Or maybe you are wanting to get out in the great outdoors and have a picnic.  Well, Buddy’s can help you with that as well.  Get a family pack that feeds 5 or that feeds 10 and take to the backcountry.  The meal includes meat and buns to feed 5 or 10, two large sides for the 5, more for the feeds 10 option, plates and silverware.  It all comes in a box so that it is easy to carry.  This is the quickest way to get a picnic started in the Smokies.

Give Buddy’s a try the next time you are in Sevierville.  Whether you are staying in Sevierville or just passing through, grab some bbq and head to the mountains.  I think you will find that the flavors of the bbq match the beauty of the outdoors.

Buddy’s Bar-B-Q
705 Winfield Dunn Parkway
Sevierville, TN
www.buddysbarbq .com

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