Robert Tino Gallery

The Robert Tino Gallery is located in Sevierville, Tennessee. One of the best parts about visiting the gallery is that it’s located in an antique home. The home was built in 1844 and is on the Register of Historic Places. Built by John Andes in the 1800s, the home has had two owners, the Andes family and the Denton family.  Robert Tino’s wife, Mary John Denton Tino is the granddaughter of the Denton that bought the home.  In the 1990s, the home was converted into a gallery, housing original Robert Tino artwork and, of course, limited edition Robert Tino prints.  Now, the gallery stands as a monument to a time gone by and one of the premier water-colorists in the Smoky Mountains area.

About Robert Tino’s Work

Robert Tino has been conveying his love for the Smoky Mountains for more then 20 years.  Starting out in watercolor and moving on to oils, he was a student of the University of Tennessee and has used countless techniques including one called gouache, an opaque technique used with the transparency of watercolors to create his signature watercolors that express the various moods of the mountains. Branching out into oils, Robert found another way to bring his impressions of the mountains to his ever-growing audience.  And in recent years, the realist painter has branched out into abstraction. His abstract works, with brilliant hues of primary colors, have opened up a new audience to this amazing painter and have broadened his appeal to his existing audience and collectors of his works.

Robert Tino’s Community Service

Robert A. Tino and his wife Mary John love the Smoky Mountains. They not only love the area and the people that flock to it year after year, but they also give back to their community. Over the years they have given part of the proceeds from the sell of Robert’s works of art to East Tennessee Children Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and the Friends of the Great Smoky Mountains. Stop by their gallery and spend some time with an amazing artist by viewing Robert Tino prints and his original artwork. Plus, you’ll get to spend some time in history itself in a structure that is more then 150 years old! This art gallery will have you falling in love with the Smoky Mountains all over again.

To visit, or to contact about purchasing Robert Tino art or Robert Tino prints:

Robert Tino Gallery
812 Old Douglas Dam Road
Sevierville, TN

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